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Protecting the Freedom to Ride. Together.

We created Moto Coffee to fuse our passion for coffee with our love of motorcycles in a way that allows us to truly support and give back to the riding community.

A portion of profits go back to two-wheeled causes like protecting our trails, helping injured riders to recover from accidents, education initiatives, and more.

It’s also clear that we’re entering a pivotal time for all riders in the US.

California already plans to ban two-strokes with other states not far behind.

10,000 miles of roads and trails in Utah are slated for closure. Public lands and trail systems are under pressure from special interest groups like never before.

Who is going to stand up for motorcyclists?

Our commitment to you is that we will do everything we can to protect our freedom to ride—and in turn, provide a way for our fellow riders to “vote with your dollar” for what matters to you.

  • Luke Thorikildsen

    Luke, an exceptional photographer and marketing maestro, is the embodiment of the adventurous man’s spirit. He travels across the country in his fully outfitted “Truck Norris” Tundra, always ready for the next dirt bike ride, hunting trip, or camping session with family and friends.


    First bike: 1979 Honda XR80

    Current rides: 2022 KTM 300 XC-W, 2022 BMW 1250 GS Ralleye, and 2021 Honda Trail 125

  • Alex Kirts

    A creative powerhouse, Alex is a seasoned designer and photographer with a no-nonsense approach to espresso. He cherishes his dog walks and isn't one to shy away from the grime of a hands-on garage project. In the martial arts arena, he unveils his inner ferocity.


    First bike: 1971 Yamaha AT1-B

    Current rides: 2022 Triumph Speed Twin 1200, 2008 KTM 530 EXC, 1991 Honda CB750

  • Mark Hennings

    Mark is an experienced entrepreneur who prefers his coffee black most days. He enjoys the long runs, hard workouts, and the occasional home renovation project. On any given day, you could find him working from home, at the park with his family, or exploring the mountains.


    First bike: 1976 Honda CJ360

    Current ride: 2023 KTM XC-W 300

Luke and I first met in Moab after his brother invited me to join a dirt bike trip with a handful of other riders. I showed up with less than a year of experience, an underpowered 1993 Honda XR 250, and butterflies in my stomach. 

Fortunately, Luke made me feel better. He applauded me for attempting obstacles way above my pay grade and gave me confidence by jumping in to make sure I was okay and could get my bike back up when I crashed (which was a lot).

Motorcyclists in Moab

On that trip and the ones that followed, we were often the first ones up in the morning. We found ourselves talking about the ride plan for the day over nothing less than a strong cup of coffee.

Many hard obstacles and caffeinated mornings later, we realized that coffee would be the perfect way to connect with other riders and support the motorcycle community.

At the same time, I had been working with Alex for over 10 years. We had ridden on the street together and I didn’t have to ask twice if he wanted to help launch a coffee startup for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Together, we hope to make Moto Coffee Co. a beacon in the motorcycle community that supports riders and creates meaningful connections over fast bikes and great coffee.

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