Top 10 Motorcycle Cup Holders

Top 10 Motorcycle Cup Holders

Whether you need a safe place to stash a thermos on your morning commute or you want to stay hydrated on a long road trip, motorcycle cup holders are a great add-on for any bike. However, picking the right one can feel overwhelming, and that’s where we can help.

We’ve done all the research to find the 10 best motorcycle cup holders to make your purchase easy.

Plus, skip to the end of the article for a great idea of what to pour in it.

Top Pick: ATV Motorcycle Cup Holder by Kemi Moto

This is a cleverly designed cup holder that hits hard with over 2,800 5-star reviews! People who bought it appreciate the solid grip and customizability. 

You can even toss a bluetooth speaker in it.

It looks cool, clamps strong, securely holds a beverage up to 28oz, and rings in at just $30. 

The ATV Motorcycle Cup Holder from Kemi Moto is our top overall pick due to its reasonable price, adjustability, and popularity.

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Oxford Fabric Cup Holder by Kemi Moto

For just $20, Kemi Moto also offers the Oxford Fabric cup holder — a simple, inexpensive cup holder that comes in black, gray, or blue. It has a drain hole so that it won’t fill up from rain and is washable. 

Plus, it has mesh pockets to store your nicknacks.

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RAM Cup Holders

RAM is a trusted brand that is all about secure mounting solutions. However, they also make nifty products you can use with their mounts, including cup holders!

One handy feature of their cupholders is that they are all self-leveling. That means they can rotate as your bike leans, which in theory should help keep your beverage more upright. If you tend to lean deep into your turns, one of these may be the way to go!

You have a few options depending on your preferred mounting method.

These are little more expensive, but may be worth it for the RAM quality and multiple mounting options.

Here are three options from RAM::

Brake or clutch mount

Tough claw - mount on the handlebar

Ball Mount

One of the benefits of the ball mount is that it’s versatile, allowing you to mount the cup holder somewhere other than your handlebars, if you desire, by pairing it with one of their mounting kits.

Ciro Motorcycle Drink Holders

Ciro makes drink holders that feel right at home on a large Harley, touring, or adventure bike. These are extra large and can hold some serious beverages!

Here are the three main variations:

Handlebars - Regular

Handlebars - Extra Large

For Passengers

Monster Fairings Cup Holder

This cup holder is adjustable like the one from Kemi Moto to help you get the perfect fit for your favorite beverage. It has a solid aesthetic and 800 reviews.

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Biker Babe Beverage Bra*

While the name might sound like internet clickbait, this is a legit product that has a lot of good reviews online. If you have a full backseat, consider keeping your passengers riding satisfied with this functional solution.

*Babe not included.

View on Big Reds LLC

Let's put your new cup holder to good use!

We hope you found a great cup holder to accessorize your motorcycle. 

Now, you just need something tasty to fill it up with.

Try the Full Send It roast by Moto Coffee! It’s a premium quality roast that you’ll rave about, and is sure to get you rev’d up for your next ride.

Grab some beans for yourself and a friend — and ride with pride knowing that we’re supporting causes that matter to motorcyclists.

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