Introducing Moto Coffee: For Riders, By Riders

Introducing Moto Coffee: For Riders, By Riders

Hey fellow riders and coffee drinkers 👋

Us founders at Moto Coffee have been working hard for the last 18 months to create a brand that reflects how we feel about riding, evokes a sense of adventure, and carries that through to the taste and premium quality of our coffee products.

We spared no detail and we're finally ready to share it with the world.

This is Moto Coffee.

Let's be honest, we're all terribly obsessed with our bikes. We spend too much time working on them, too much money on parts and accessories, and when we're not riding—too much time wishing we were.

And we're just fine with that.

We've fully embraced it, and we wanted be able to start each day with those good bike vibes too.

At Moto Coffee, our mission is to support causes that motorcyclists care about, like trail stewardship and helping injured riders get back on their feet. Over time and with your support, we believe we can make a big difference.

All it takes is a cup of coffee every day.

How we Brew

In celebration of the launch, we thought it would be fun to share our daily coffee routines.

Alex's Coffee Routine

I usually start my morning off with a straight espresso. My main goal after I wake up is to get caffeine straight into my system as fast as possible. I accomplish that with the help of my Spinn espresso maker. Spinn is a centrifugal espresso maker that makes a fast espresso as well as other coffee drinks in a snap.

In the afternoon I settle down a bit and break out my Chemex coffee maker. Slowing down and enjoying the process a bit more, I allow myself some time to grind, weigh, and slowly brew the beans to create the perfect cup of drip coffee.

Luke's Coffee Routine

I’m big on black coffee but my lifestyle is not conducive to routines. I’m an early riser but with four kids I try to keep the noise down in the mornings so ground coffee is my go-to during the week. I don’t set a timer and I usually don’t even set an alarm.

When I'm home, I wake up and brew a pot of Full Send It to start my day, then read a little before jumping onto the computer. 

At the office I drink a few cups of coffee throughout the day, but try to stop around three so I don’t affect bed-time!

When I’m away from home, I’m usually in my truck. I keep a jet boil and a rugged french press in one of my truck bed boxes or panniers on the GS so I can make fresh coffee any time. One of my favorite things is to drink fresh coffee by a river.

On the weekends I love to grind beans, the smell of freshly ground coffee on a cool morning is hard to beat.

Mark's Coffee Routine

First thing in the morning, I grind a fresh batch of beans for exactly 34 seconds on my Baratza Encore grinder, drop it into a Ninja coffee maker with an unbleached cone filter, and brew it on the "rich" setting for a full pot. I pour a cup as soon as it beeps for the freshest flavor. I'll usually grab about 3 refills throughout the morning and often enjoy a cold sparkling water on the side.

In the afternoon, I'll either down a quick pod of espresso from my Nespresso machine or sip a homemade vanilla oat milk latte — iced or hot, depending on the day.

I've never had an issue with coffee keeping me awake at night, but I still try to keep any doses of afternoon coffee before 3pm just in case.

We'd love to hear about your morning coffee routine, too! Pick up a bag of Full Send It and tag @drinkmoto to let us know what you think.

Let's make the riding community even better and drink braapin' good coffee while doing it 🤙

One More Thing: Launch Month Giveaway

As if you needed another reason to get awesome coffee and merch, we're giving away FIVE Rocky Mountain ATV Gift Cards ($50 each). Every order placed in October 2023 is a chance to win. All winners will be randomly selected. Let's goo!

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