Best Gift Ideas for Motorcycle Riders (2024)

Best Gift Ideas for Motorcycle Riders (2024)

Motorcycle riders love their gear, parts, and accessories — but shopping for them can be tricky because parts often depend on the year, make, and model of the motorcycle — and gear is a bold move because it has to check the box on both fit and function.

Of course, you could always grab a gift card to Rocky Mountain ATV, MotoSport, or their favorite local shop—but that doesn't exactly say, "I put a lot of thought into this."

Don't worry, we'll help you find the perfect gift in your budget. In this guide, we have you covered with a wide selection of sure-to-please gifts for any motorcycle rider.

Gifts Under $20 for Motorcyclists

Nice Tire Pressure Gauge - $18.99

Does the rider in your life check their tire pressure with a crummy $2 pressure gauge? Or, dare we even say, not check their tire pressure at all? Give them an upgrade this holiday season. Not only does a high-quality pressure gauge help you get much more accurate tire pressure, it’s also just delightful.

Tusk Pro Caliber Tire Pressure Gauge

Chain Lube - $11.97

Make that chain last longer! Lube it up like a pro.

Maxima Chain Guard

Balaclava - $9.99

Necks get cold fast on the road. Give the gift of cold-weather riding with a balaclava that can go under the helmet. 

Motorcycle Balaclavas

Moto Coffee - $15.99

Moto Coffee gives a portion of proceeds to motorcyclist causes, and to be completely biased, the coffee is amazing.

Full Send It Premium Dark Roast

Gifts Under $50 for Motorcyclists

KTM Handgrip Bottle Opener - $24.99

Does the rider in your life enjoy a drink after riding? We’ve met a few that do. The world will feel a little better if they can open that brewsky with a firm rubberized grip that reminds them of their happy place.

KTM Hand Bottle Opener 

Hex Key Set - $22.99

Millions of people suffer every day finagling with foldable allen wrenches. This set of hex keys will make life easy breezy, and may come in handy after your next trip to Ikea, too.

Tusk 10-piece Hex Key Wrench Set

KTM Racing Hat - $21.99

This hat is just too sexy. However, you may want to make sure they’re a KTM fan.

KTM Racing Hat

Tie-downs - $24.99

Much like clean underwear, it never hurts to pack an extra pair of tie-downs.

Bikemaster Tiedowns

On-X Off-road App Subscription - $34.99

If your motorcyclist likes riding off-road, On-X is the best app for finding great trails to ride. Grab them a Premium or Elite subscription app gift card.

Premium or Elite

Battery Charger - $44.95

Nothing is worse than a bike that won’t start after winter. Tending the battery through the cold months with this battery charger can lead to a very happy first day of spring! This one can switch between lead and lithium batteries, so you don’t even need to ask what kind of battery is in the bike,

Battery Tender 12V

Ear Protection - $34.95

Has somebody had trouble hearing the things you say lately? Maybe the road noise is getting to them. Grab some ear plugs designed to filter out road noise but still here the sounds you need to stay safe.

Looper Ear Plugs

Gifts Under $100 for Motorcyclists

Air Moto Electronic Tire Pump - $79

This tire pump is portable and convenient. It’s small enough you could throw it in your pack and take it with you. At home, it eliminates the need to plug in a noisy air compressor or wrangle with long cords and tubes. The motorcycle rider in your life has probably already seen this on Facebook and will be stoked to get it.

Air Moto

Motorcycle Cleaning Kit - $58.45

There are few things more satisfying in life to a motorcycle lover than a sparkling clean bike, and this is the cleaning kit to make it happen.

S100 Cycle Care Gift Set

GoPro Chin Mount - $55

Upgrade their GoPro game with a chin mount designed specifically for their helmet. They'll love the clean look and the perfect camera positioning! (Don't forget the camera angle adjustability kit) 

Chin Mounts

Pro Gas Can - $64.49

Sometimes you just want to leave the garage with a full tank of gas.

Firepower LC2 Utility Jug

Bolt Kit - $74.99

Bolts get loose and wiggle out sometimes due to the vibration of the motorcycle. Grab a bolt kit for the brand of bike that your motorcyclist rides and they’ll love it.

Bolt Kits by Brand

Phone Mount - $63.99

RAM Mount makes hardcore mounting solutions. Being able to mount your phone to the motorcycle handlebars for real-time navigation is a game-changer.

RAM Phone Mount Kits

Packable Rain Jacket - $64.95

They’ll thank you later.

Thor Pack Jacket

Bike Stand - $77.52

If they tinker on their own bike and don’t have a bike stand yet, this is imminently practical.

Motorsport Lift Stand

Xena Motorcycle Lock - $68.76

Keep that beautiful bike safe while its parked with a compact and portable disc brake lock.

Xena XX-6

National Park Pass - $80

Nothing beats a beautiful, scenic ride through a national park.

National Park Pass

High-end and High-tech Gifts for Motorcyclists ($200+)

Beeline Riding Companion - $199

This device is so cool. You can attach it to the handlebars and it shows easy-to-follow navigation instructions, without exposing your phone to the elements.

Beeline Moto

Travel Coffee Kit - $199

As a motorcycle-inspired coffee company, we absolutely love this. Being able to make barista quality coffee on the road or trail is pure bliss. Pair it with a bag of Full Send It Dark Roast for the ultimate coffee + motorcycle lovers gift.

Pakt Coffee Kit

Commuter Backpack - $249

A solid and attractive riding backpack by Timbuk2 that's weatherproof and includes reflective visibility panels to make sure cars see you.

Clark Community Backpack

Cardo Packtalk Edge - $389

Music and riding go together like bread and butter. Cardo Edge comes with premium JBL 40mm speakers and is also the leading intercom system to chat with your buddies. These can be installed in pretty much any helmet.

Cardo Packtalk Edge

Garmin InReach - $399

This satellite communicator will let you call for help from anywhere without cell service, whether you’re stuck on the side of the road or a far-out trail.

Garmin InReach Mini 2

Insta360 - $522

Insta360 is an incredible camera that films in a full 360 degrees, and the final clips can be edited in any direction. Scenic rides will look incredible on this amazing 5.7k camera.

Insta360 Motorcycle Kit

Multisport GPS Smartwatch - $899

Thinking outside of the box a bit now — a smart watch can be a very helpful riding accessory. This Garmin watch has everything an adventure rider could need — maps, GPS, navigation, altitude, fitness tracking, solar charging, and a flashlight.

Garmin Fenix 7 

That's a Wrap

There you have it, over 25 gifts that basically any motorcyclist can enjoy — perfect for Christmas, birthdays, or other special occasions. We hope that you found just the right gift to surprise and delight your motorcycle rider!

If you have other ideas for our list, please get in touch and let us know. 🤙

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